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Business Transformation
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Business transformation includes web enablement for mobile and desktop devices as integral part. Digital touch-points evolve towards comprehensive, progressive web apps

  • Complexity of web apps increases. This requires additional development and testing effort. Automation in testing is a must to keep costs in budget
  • In production web apps and sublaying services need to be tested continuously in order to monitor availability and speed

ADVENAGE provides support and consulting services for modern web app testing and monitoring solutions for web apps and web services

Testing Business Processes

ADVENAGE provides end-to-end monitoring of business processes

  • Monitoring telco services is important, but it is even more important to ensure business processes working end-to-end
  • Today's business processes towards end customers include different communication channels such as web, SMS and mail

ADVENAGE's end-to-end testing solutions allow monitoring complex user journeys including communication channels web, voice, SMS and mail

ADVENAGE provides Service Quality Management Solutions for voice & data applications in mobile and IP networks

  • Active service monitoring as well as support for periodical tests (e.g. tariff compliance checks)
  • A broad set of metrics allows to measure a variety of key performance indicators of telecommunication services beyond service availability and round trip time
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